Education Abroad Committee


The Education Abroad Committee (EAC) is responsible for approving and promoting quality learning abroad programs through consultation, review, evaluation, and advocacy. The Committee works collaboratively with academic colleges and departments to fulfill these responsibilities.


Role and Scope

The Committee is charged by the Office of the Provost with the approval of student learning abroad experiences, which include:

  • all ISU-sponsored faculty-led group learning abroad programs for which students earn ISU credit;
  • all other faculty-led group programs for which students earn transfer credit and for which ISU has major responsibility and/or liability;
  • any non-credit group travel proposals where ISU assumes liability for the students, e.g., through funding support, faculty support or involvement, or student travel in the name of ISU, for instance with a student organization or club;
  • any other learning abroad proposals as requested by the colleges.

Student group travel for competitions or training events coordinated by the ISU department of Intercollegiate Athletics are not reviewed by the EAC. Travel for these programs are registered directly through the Office of Risk Management.

The Committee's goal is to ensure the academic integrity of programs as well as the safety of students, faculty, and staff. To further this goal, Committee members may assist colleagues in the preparation of program proposals. 

Each academic college is expected to review and approve the academic components of their programs prior to submission of proposals to the Committee. College-level approval of the proposed program must be documented in the proposal. 

The Committee is also charged with the regular review and evaluation of existing policies governing administration of education abroad programs. Recommendations for changes to existing policies and development of new policies are made by the Committee to the Provost's Council on International Programs (CIP). 

Believing in the power of learning abroad to transform lives, to increase understanding of the world, and to intellectually challenge participants, the Committee will continue to pursue ways to increase student participation in study abroad and to recognize the faculty and staff who lead these programs.



The Committee is comprised of one representative from each academic college, appointed by their respective Deans because of their experience with issues and logistics of taking students abroad; two at-large faculty members appointed by the Associate Provost for Academic Programs; the director of the Study Abroad Center (or designee); and two students appointed by the Government of the Student Body and/or Graduate Student Senate. College representatives and at-large faculty members shall be appointed for three-year terms with the possibility of reappointment. One representative from the ISU Office of Risk Management serves on the Committee as an ex officio member. A Study Abroad Center staff member will be appointed to provide administrative support to the Committee. The Provost's Office selects a Committee Chair from among its members each spring to serve for the following academic year.