ISU Student-Related International Travel and Study Abroad Risk Management Policy

All international travel is reviewed by the Office of Risk Management and must be registered according to policy. Student-related international travel, including all undergraduate travel abroad and study abroad programs, is also reviewed for health, safety, security, and risk management concerns.

High-risk student-related international travel must be approved by the Study Abroad Risk Management Committee (SARMC) prior to departure to assess whether risks have been managed. This approval is independent of and in addition to any review which may be required by colleges or other committees/processes such as the Education Abroad Committee (EAC).

Approval by SARMC is based on an assessment of the risks associated with travel and additional approvals may be required depending on the type of travel.

Programs and student-related international travel determined to be high risk cannot proceed without approval from SARMC. International travel will be considered high-risk for any of the following reasons:

  • The destination carries a risk rating of 3 or higher as determined by the Office of Risk Management. Current ratings may be found on the Office of Risk Management International Travel website.
  • The Education Abroad Committee (EAC) identifies that a study abroad program has higher risks.
  • The International Risk Manager determines that travel to a certain destination, planned activities, or other factors have extraordinary risks.

The SARMC also determines if changes in risk for approved or ongoing student-related travel, such as changing conditions in a destination, may warrant cancelation or other status changes. Programs must adhere to the determinations of cancelations or status changes as determined by the SARMC.

Departments and colleges have wide discretion to cancel or discontinue programs due to financial, logistical, enrollment, and other concerns. However, once a program is approved, it cannot be cancelled due to risk factors without consultation with SARMC. 

The SARMC is comprised of the following:

  • Associate Provost for Academic Programs (Chair)
  • Director of the Study Abroad Center
  • chair of the Education Abroad Committee
  • General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer
  • International Risk Manager.

Other ad-hoc members may be consulted on an as-needed basis including representation from Student Health and Wellness, Office of Equal Opportunity, Environmental Health and Safety, Student Affairs, and Public Safety.